AirAsia - Cadet Pilot Intake 2013

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Its been 6 months or more since AirAsia has opened their admission. I know some of you guys after SPM or diploma holders are still searching scholarship for their pilot license since MAS didn't open the entry for the past 3 years, yeah seems ridiculous right? So i know you're hoping on AirAsia but patience is the key guys. It is simple for rich guys to pursue privately, but what about the less fortunate ones? Nothing in this world is impossible, you worked hard, you'll get what you want. If you really want to be a pilot, passionate about the planes, then worked hard and find a way to achieve your goal, of course you'll get those 3 small DCA books.

AirAsia said that this intake will open every 1 to 21 April, yet they didn't open it. I think they forgot to open? LOL. Here is the link, check out yourself [CLICK HERE]. Goodluck guys and girls!

Maybe you want to have degree first? If you want to go to another runway, you can go privately through flying school. [CLICK HERE] for more info.